Are you a “Full Moon Golfer?”

 you hit a good shot?   I bet you say, “Now, why can’t I do that every time?”  Often when playing or teaching on the range, I hear after a bad shot, or ‘miss’, “What did I do then?”  This tells me that that person’s mental game is WAY out of sync with their golf swing.


A quick reflection about the power of the golfing mind:

It was a course we played often during full suns, so we knew what shots to hit and the yardage from different landmarks.   We could see the ball laying in the fairway from about 10 yards and clear as day when addressing the ball, it was like reading a book with a night light.  We could see the horizon fine, so we saw the tree-lines, the shadows a bunker creates as the lip gets higher, outlines of houses, all the things we used to orientate our rounds.  Basically we were playing the shadow of the golf course.

I don’t know about the other guys playing at night but I used these rounds as a chance to let my minds eye see the swing.   The pertinent information I could pick up from the moon’s shine, this left only the swing.   To play at night I would turn off the analytical mind and let the performance mind take over.   I would not control the swing I was making instead I would try to determine the result of my swing by what I felt happening.   I can’t explain the joy when you make a swing, say were you think it is, and then walk a couple of hundred paces exactly to the ball, in the dark, with a few friends, the game of golf and the man on the moon.

Yes, we did make birdies . . . not to mention an eagle once!

What I want to say to you is that if you “fix” every swing you make, based on the result, you will indeed spend the rest of your golfing life “fixing” every swing.

I gave a lesson one day to a man in his mid to late 70’s maybe early 80’s that was an accomplished golfer in his younger days and still plays a wonderful game of golf to this day, in the 70’s hear and there.   This man would wonder why he hit every shot the way he hit it, then he would proceed to try something else on the next shot.   He would stick with something for about two swings and then, only if the shot was just short of perfect.   He was a “full sun” golfer.   His analytical mind controlled his swing based on the result he saw while his performance mind was struggling to stay alive.   He fixed every shot whether it needed fixing or not.

Those nights playing in the dark I realized how long I had been playing in the dark.   Full moon golf taught me that if you can see the target then the goal to achieve is to let the performance mind play.   I decided that if you can feel what your swing is doing you do not have to try to control the swing to get the result you desire.   For all the baseball pitchers reading this or those that know the saying, you get much better results when you throw the pitch instead of aiming the pitch.

What I ask of you is that the next time on the range, don’t “fix” every bad shot.   Make a swing, preferably the swing you want to make and learn what it feels like.  Then we can make that swing do to the ball, what you want it to do.   Take the time to become aware of what your swing is doing and what result the performance mind can create.   When you get a consistent shot, good or bad, then we “fix it!” Then you can become as good as you want.

Become a “Full Moon” golfer!

Good Golfing,


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  1. Camila says:

    With all the doggone snow we have gotten recently I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. 🙂

  2. Cristopher Shadduck says:

    towering diary you chalk up