The History of


The Posting Series is a continuos documentary of the life of golf.  Follow these post as we leave the golf swing and present how the game was born, lives, grows and replicates life.

The game of golf has struggled throughout history as kings, religions and the state of affairs tried to suppress the popularity of the sport because of the effects it had on society.  Despite these setbacks, the game survived and flourished throughout history, growing into the game we love and strive to achieve success playing.

If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, not pertaining to the swing as we will address those issues in the “iBlogit” posts, leave a comment and we will include it in an upcoming posting series. Grow your knowledge of the life of golf and become one with the game. “NaNaNaNa,”  ”Be the ball Danny!”


A Game Becomes a Sport

Our story begins in the mid 18th century when golf was then known as “goff” and the equipment consisted of 5 clubs, four “long nosed” woods and one iron. Golf balls for the well-to-do were comprised of chicken or goose feathers, leather, and a process that produced a softer ball, allowing for more control and revolutionizing the game, which many believed would not have survived without this innovation to the ball. Most golfers of this era were limited to pebbles, stones and wooden ball, dating back to the game of “Paganica,” an earlier form of golf played during Roman times. […]


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Golf Rules of the Month

Rules: Clubs

Rule 4 addresses the clubs, the form and make of clubs, playing characteristics, damaged clubs and the number of clubs allowed during play. The number of clubs allowed in the bag is 14, which does include the putter. You can use any combination of clubs and they do not have to be the same fourteen clubs every time you play. An example is that you may want to add another wedge and take [...]

Playing Without Expectations

First Round Surprises

Remember Your First Round this year? Now the season is underway. There have been a couple of tournaments at the club and I am sure an outing or too as well. So tell me how your first round of the season went. Better than expected I am sure. This is usually the case for most because there are no expectations! You have not played for awhile and do not expect to play well so you are relaxed and just trying to [...]

“Find Your Minds Eye”

Full Moon Golfer

Do you fix every mediocre shot you hit on the range? Do you say, “I know why I hit that shot,” after every mediocre shot on the course? Do you start to wonder why you hit a good shot? I’ll bet you say, “Now, why can’t I do that every time?” Often when playing or teaching on the range, I hear after a bad shot, or ‘miss’, “What did I do then?” This tells me that that person’s mental game is WAY [...]

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