Practice . . . Practice . . . Practice!

We have been told for ions, “the only way to get better is slowly, with tons of practice.”  This usually discourages one from doing so, especially when we do not see immediate results.  This, my friends, is the nature of golf and the analytical mind.

Most do not have a lot of free time to practice as much as the majority of “experts” say we HAVE to, to get better.  The conclusion then becomes that we are as good as we are going to be.  Now there is another way.  I have said before, in other posts, “It is not the quantity of practice rather the quality of practice,” that is important.

Practicing drills and games that are relevant to your swing will, in fact, change your game. Practicing tips from a magazine, television or even this site that are not relevant to your swing, are in vain.  The objective of this site is to teach you how your game lives, grows and then to give you drills and games relevant to your success.  I will structure a schedule that fits your life and grows your game.

With my drills and games you will be strengthening the weakest portion of your swing or game, resulting in a better game of golf.  It is quite possible to find an hour per week at home, in the office or on the practice tee, to develop qualities in the swing and mind to see success on the course.

Drills are designed to exploit weaknesses in the swing, therefore when doing these drills the results will come gradually, while doing the drill, but will immediately begin to show up on the course.

Games are designed to develop the mental strategies of your game, becoming the staple with which you perform on the course, for the rest of your life.

Both the games and the drills do not need to be done for hours and hours, rather for periods of time available to each of you, with focus on the task at hand.

Practice the games and drills perfectly, so you can perform on the course efficiently.

Email me videos of your swing and get started today.

“Golf Your Way”


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