“QUALITY” not Quantity is the philosophy in all strategies in our “Rx” Program.  Let’s talk practice for example.  We will not practice aimlessly for hours upon hours but structure your practice program so that whatever amount of time you can find to dedicate to your game will be more efficient and productive.  My Program has structured schedules and routines for you and the amount of time you find suitable.  Each time you practice you will be developing your swing and mind . . . not frustration and anguish.

The Golden Rule of the Rx Program is that “golf is best played in preparation” not execution.  If you prepare for each situation correctly, you will perform the intended task to the best of your ability.  It will give you the best results for that particular moment in your golf round.  The first discipline a person must conquer is in achieving a setup position that is going to give you the best opportunity to “Golf Your Way.”

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  1. Kadelak says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!