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The site’s purpose is to serve as an organized collection of tips and hints for a successful Golf oriented website, for Members to browse and enjoy. Within the site we strive to enhance your golfing skills.

If you are dissatisfied with any portion of these Standards or our terms of membership, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue your membership.

Thank you, and enjoy the site!

Ground Rules and Words of Wisdom

  1. Value the power of words. To ensure that the site is a comfortable place in which to communicate and express thoughts, we do not allow obscene, harassing, racist or sexually explicit, defamatory or violent, hateful or insulting language. We reserve the right to remove any postings (or members) that we deem to be inappropriate.
  2. No solicitations or advertisements. We do not permit the posting of advertisements or solicitations. Any posts of that nature will be deleted and the perpetrator will lose his/her membership to the site. Commercial solicitation and/or advertising are limited to the Site Administrator.
  3. Do not discuss, encourage, or take part in illegal activity. Any comments or postings that might be construed as illegal activity will be removed. You are not allowed to post viruses or other destructive or expropriating content. Don’t spam or post chain letters, pyramid schemes, junk mail, or any unsolicited or unauthorized promotional material.
  4. Respect the privacy of individuals.
  5. The Administrators of this website take no liability for injuries sustained while following the recommended lesson exercises.
  6. Use good manners. We promote a healthy and interested exchange of opinions, under the understanding that these opinions will be expressed respectfully. Therefore, please do not post the same note more than once and do not use all capital letters (which in e-speak translates as anger). Also, only post messages that are in line with the purpose of the site.
  7. Participate at your own risk. You’re responsible for your postings, and we strongly suggest that you protect your privacy by not ever giving out your password, telephone number, address, etc. Always remember that any personal information you reveal can be obtained and used by others. Anything you say here, you say at your own risk. Do not provide anyone with any information that you don’t want made public. Use the information provided in the site at your own risk.
  8. Object to postings that you feel do not follow these Rules. Any assistance that you can give us in helping to monitor the site is greatly appreciated. So if you ever come across a posting which you feel violates any of these Rules, send e-mail to
  9. Please do not post items that are of a political nature or that are highly controversial.
  10. Posts of a Religious nature are not allowed.
  11. If we judge a submission inappropriate, we reserve the right to delete that post and all replies to it. Judgments concerning posts are made at our discretion, and our decisions are considered final.
  12. THIS SITE IS NOT A BLOG. The sole purpose of the site is to “Teach” our Members to be better golfers. No nicknames/screen names or aliases are to be used. Your full name must appear in your profile. You can use a “nickname” option but your first and last name MUST be in your profile. If you remove your first and last name, from your profile, and it is brought to our attention you will be notified. If you don’t comply you will be deleted from the sites.

We want to welcome you and we hope that you will enjoy your time here.

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