There is some debate about which shafts are best; the traditional steel shafts or graphite shafts.  In the early days of the steel shafts, which came out during the Bobby Jones era; these steel shafts were performance shafts giving the players more control of their shots versus what they had in the hickory shafts.  In the early days of the graphite shaft, the belief was that graphite shafts were used by old men and ladies because of how much lighter the clubs were.

Technology and the way the companies study the effect their clubs have on the ball, has tremendously narrowed the gap between the differences of the two shafts.   I still believe that if you are an older person or you are buying a set of clubs that may be your last  set, as they are quite expensive, graphite is the way to go.  If there is any conditions with your hands, then graphite will limit the amount of vibration that reaches your hands, which may in time cause aches and pain from mis-hits.  If you want to reach that level of play that most do not, and you practice, steel shafts will be the best shaft.  Steel shafts can be made as light as graphite these days but you will lose some of the playing characteristics of the shaft that allows you to perform better.  I believe the biggest advantage of steel over graphite is known as torque; this is what happens to the shaft when the ball hits the clubface slightly off of center, the impact of the golf ball on the toe or heel of the club creates a twisting motion in the shaft. causing the clubface to point off line when the ball is released.  Steel shafts are more suited for less twisting, resulting is straighter shots.  The steel shafts also give you more feedback in your hands for the feel of your shots.

There are many different graphite and steel shafts out there so take the time to investigate what you want from your game and then find the shaft that will help you get there.  There is one thing to remember; make sure you get the right “flex” by getting your swingspeed tested or getting your clubs fit by a PGA Golf Professional in you area.

Karty K-  I hope this helps you.  If you, or anyone reading, would like more information on this subject let me know and I will post more.

Good Golfing,


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