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Throwback Phil – Comeback Tiger?

COMEBACK OR THROWBACK 2018 SEASON WELCOME to the 103rd edition of golf on the PGA Tour.  The PGA Tour, as we know it, started 51 years ago when Arnold Palmer headed the emergence of the Players Division of the PGA of America.  A classification created to segregate those professionals that solely play on the PGA […]


WELCOME to the 103rd edition of golf on the PGA Tour.  The PGA Tour, as we know it, started 51 years ago when Arnold Palmer headed the emergence of the Players Division of the PGA of America.  A classification created to segregate those professionals that solely play on the PGA Tour that needed different direction than what was provided by the PGA of America.  Known as Professional Golfers, rather than Golf Professionals, they hold their own classification among the PGA of America. These members of the PGA of America make their money playing golf on the PGA Tour thanks to Mr. Palmer’s growth of the game, which created larger purses meaning fewer of the stars needed to return to Club Professional jobs.  Mr. Palmer created this opportunity with his presence on the tour which will never be forgotten.

It is said that we have not seen the type of galleries on tour as seen when Arnold Palmer was playing in a tour event, until Tiger came along.  That being said, we have not seen those type of galleries since Tiger has been away from golf. This does not include the Ryder Cup galleries, that’s a different creature.  Most believe Arnold Palmer brought the game to the world, with his personality both as a man as well as a tour golfer. As I write this, 120 Professional Golfers are participating in the 40th playing of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Tournament at Bay Hill in Orlando, FL.  10 of the top 20 have come to Bay Hill to participate in an official PGA Tour event created by Arnold Palmer himself. Eldrick Tont Woods is in this field ranked 149th in the world. Tiger was first ranked in the world during the 1994 campaign ending the year at 753rd.  3 years later, in 1997, he ended with a world ranking of 2. At the end of 1998 Tiger finished #1 in the world, where he stayed for 6 years when he fell to #2 in 2004, but quickly regained the #1 ranking in 2005, holding the ranking until 2010, when he dropped to #2 again.  During the next 8 years he would be ranked #1 just one more time, 2013, on his decent to 656th in 2017, his lowest ranking since 1994.

Beginning the 2018 season ranked 656th, Tiger began to prowl up the world rankings.  The 2018 Tiger golf season started in week 4 at the Farmers Insurance Open, finishing T23rd “vaulting” to 539th.  We saw Tiger again in week 7 at the Genesis Open missing the cut, falling to 544th. The next week, at The Honda Classic, we saw glimpses of the Tiger of old with a 12th place finish moving to a 388 world ranking.  With a week of rest, week 10 of the season brought us the Valspar Championship with a strong glimpse of what may be… “what’s to come”. Mr. Woods looked different on the golf course that week as he held the lead at a point giving himself a chance on the 72nd hole to extend his throwback weekend, but came up 18″ short finishing T2 leaping to 149th in the world going into week 11.

Phil Mickelson was first ranked  at the end of the 1990 season at 462nd, breaking into the top 50 in 1993 at 47th.  Mr. Mickelson has been in the top 20 in the world 20 of the last 24 years ending the 2017 season 37th.  Two of the four rankings outside of the top 20 were 22nd and 24th in 1994 and 1995, which were the two years following his breakthrough year into the top 50, the other two coming in the last three years.  The next year, 1996, Phil broke into the top 10 staying in the top 10 for 15 of the next 19 years never dropping out of the top 20. In week 9 of the 2018 season the WGC-Mexico Championship was center stage.   Approaching his 48th birthday in June, Lefty won for the 43rd time on the PGA Tour, spanning 27 years from his first victory at the 1991 Northern Telecom Open which he won as an amateur.

With the last 5 years being mainly dominated by the twenty somethings are we seeing the resurgence of those that took the tour to yet another level when they emerged on the scene?  If Tiger wins this week will Phil be forgotten again, or is he already old news with what Tiger is up to now? The odds of either of these two winning another major was highly improbable until week 9 of the 2018 season.  I know Tiger, at one point this year, was 100/1 and I can not imagine Phil was much better, if at all, to win The Masters in April. Can the nerves that need to be controlled on the putting green during the final round of a tournament, be managed under the pressure?  The doubt that Tiger used to nestle in the head of everyone in the field may not be a weapon Tiger can use or still has in his arsenal. Maybe Phil’s win will be motivation for Tiger. Not because of his competition with Phil but I do believe a mental thought Tiger may have coming down the stretch will be… if the old man can master the putting nerves, than I can too!

It was 1,687 days between PGA Tour wins for Lefty.  If Tiger wins on sunday it will be…YES…1,687 days since he last won on tour!

SO… a fleeting throwback moment with Phil winning and Tiger prowling… or are THEY BACK!!!

Thank You, Mr. Palmer, for all you did for the world.  Rest In Peace!

Good Golfing,


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The Mind of A Golfer

HOW IMPORTANT IS THE MIND IN GOLF? Truly we are seeing the power of the mind unfold in front of us.  It does not matter what your capabilities are or at what level you play golf, the mind is going to control the outcome!  Before I get to the point I want to make I […]


Truly we are seeing the power of the mind unfold in front of us.  It does not matter what your capabilities are or at what level you play golf, the mind is going to control the outcome!  Before I get to the point I want to make I have some questions for you.  Do you have a favorite club in your bag that you “love” to hit?  One that almost every time you pull it out of the bag you hit it well, you look for a reason to hit it?  You say to yourself, “I know this is probably the wrong club to use but I can just ease up a little and get the job done,” and you do?   Do you try everything in your power not to hit the ball into the watery grave left or over the picked fence that defines the out of bounds right, inadvertently doing so?  Have you spent the whole round hitting the ball left to right only to hit a draw when the “trouble” is left? WHY do you do that?  Why can you hit a draw when the trouble is left?  Why can you do anything you want with the “favorite” club, whenever you want?  The answer my friends is in the “Power of the Mind”!

Golf, as has been said for ions, is a game played between the ears. The problem is that most do not want to commit to the power of the mind or admit that they are weak in the mind. The golfing mind that is.  The game is simple . . . hit a ball with a stick, a ball that is not moving, may I add, to a target and eventually into a hole that is almost three times larger than the ball.  Many of you have played other sports, control businesses, done things that in life are tougher than hitting a ball off of a tee or rolling a ball on the ground into a hole. Heck, you have even hit the ball into the hole from off the tee or even from the fairway or just off the green, only to say, “That was easy”.  Why, on some days is golf easy?

“Golf is easy”!  There you go, I said it.  And golf is hard!  Point Blank!  Harder than any other sport you athletes have played before.  Hard because you cannot get mad and do better; easy because you stop thinking and play.  Hard because there is too much time to think, to doubt; easy because you stop thinking.  Hard because the ball is just sitting there waiting to be hit; easy because the ball is just sitting there waiting to be hit.  Hard because you “try” not to mess up; easy because you do not think you will mess up.  Golf is a battle between you and your mind.  A battle between trying to be perfect and being good enough.  A battle between what you know you can do and what you are afraid you might do.  Hard because you have to deal with what happens and not with what you wanted to happen.  Easy because of the shots you pull off when you did not think you would, but knew you could.  That is why you play the game.  That is why you come back.

As I was saying before, we are seeing the power of the mind unfold before us in the golfing life of one Eldrick Tont Woods, “Tiger”.  This man is, in his sport, the equivalent of Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer to name a few. Tiger is an icon in his sport, the best of the best at what he does, “Invincible” in his own mind.

The greats of their time, in their sport, believed they were invincible and so did their competition.  I believe Tiger thought that, believed it in every aspect of his life whether it was golf, business or other.  He was trained to be “Tiger” and no one could beat him at anything he did.  Well, the rest of his competition had fallen into the same belief, as did the foes of the before mentioned greats.  All believed that they would win, would get it done, would not fail as did the competition.  So, the minds of the competition of Tiger and the others, created a doubt that they could overcome the greatness of the icons they were competing against.  They began to put unnecessary pressure on themselves and fell to the way side.  The competition could not reach the same level of controlled confidence in the mind, that the best of the best possessed and they lost the mental battle.

My thought is, in the mind of Tiger, he felt that he could do whatever he wanted, when he wanted and get the result he wanted.  This led him down the road he has currently found himself on.  He found out that he is not invincible in one aspect of his life which led to him to being vulnerable in his own mind.  Weak in his own mind, a strong mind so carefully orchestrated and built.  He still possesses the physical skills to play golf as he did before, he just does not believe he is invincible any longer nor do his competitors.  His vulnerability in life led to his losses in business and now on the golf course.  Sure it is easy to say he is going through tough times and it is true, but I am here to teach you how to control your mind to get the results you want.  I believe that Tigers mental game is not a by product of the media but a by product of his realization that he cannot do whatever he wants.  He learned that in life and business and the rest of the golfing world is seeing the results of a fragile mind, a doubtful mind, a mind that is lacking in confidence.  Which has subsequently created a surge in confidence in the minds of his competitors, a confidence that was lacking, until now!  Now they see the vulnerability and have a peaceful mental confidence which allows them to believe, in their own mind, they can win.

I bring this topic to you because for years I believed that the tour players would step their game up and challenge Tiger, they did not.  Not because of a lack of effort but because they did not believe they could do what was needed.  They believed they had to play perfect to have any chance at all, they put pressure on themselves, on their own psyche.  The best know they only have to play their game to win, everybody else thinks they have to play above and beyond to win.  Now the mind of Tiger believes it is beatable and so does the competition.  Tiger was trained to be “Tiger,” second to none, never chasing.  He was never trained to come from behind.  He was trained to be out in front, never looking back, seeing the objective with nothing in the way.  He now has to learn to be something he was never trained to be, second best.  Now when he looks at his goal it is littered with obstacles.    He is part of the pack not the leader anymore.  He, in his own mind, is no longer Tiger Woods.  His mind sees it and his competition believes it.  Tiger must now learn how to do something he has never been trained to do, not be Tiger Woods.

Once the mind looses focus or focuses on things that are not pertinent to the task at hand, the results are not what is desired.  You must first believe you are going to do what it is you want to do, so what you see happening, happens.  In golf  and in “others”.

I want to bring to the table a debate I found myself in the other day that I could not comprehend.  I would like your opinions regarding this thought.  It was brought to my attention that Tiger is not loosing because of any other reason than business.  The comment was that Tiger is loosing on purpose!  He is “throwing” tournaments so when he comes back, it will be more dramatic, which will in turn allow him to get more sponsors then he ever had before.  Tiger is taking a dive!

What do you think?

Believe it in your mind and. . .

Golf Your Way“!


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